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QA Analyst Associate

Job Description

ResponsibilityTest Requirement Analysis:

• Identify requirement defects by adopting shift left levers eg:

Requirement Ambiguity Matrix ADPART and other cognizant solution accelerators

  • * Perform KT on user stories.
  • • Design estimates (time /effort) based on the requirements analysis.
  • In case of critical technology create test scripts and seek review inputs from the test lead.
  • • Understand and analyze the requirements (through review of requirement document) to identify the testable requirements.
  • • Prioritize the requirements based on the time required.
  • • Prepare high level flow documents.
  • • Organize and drive the requirement walkthrough session.
  • Prepare/Review the flow diagrams.
  • • Seek clarification on the requirements from the customer.
  • Perform Proof of concepts or evaluate different tools if required.

Test Strategy And Test Planning

  • • Document the test plan based on the understanding of test strategy (covering project details items under scope items out of scope type of testing assumptions dependencies risks foreseen entry/exit criteria) for each cycle.
  • • Seek sign off on the test plan from the client.
  • • Provide inputs for test plan creation including number of test scenarios and test cases used for estimation of the test cycles /schedule dependencies etcin addition to the other dependencies from various teams like environment availability third party interfaces and test data etc.
  • * Participate in collaborative sprint goal definition session to determine what the team plans to achieve during the sprint.
  • Participation in status calls/meetings between onsite and offshore teams to discuss the project status.

Test Design Techniques (Design Principles/tools/patterns)

  • • Identify the test scenarios based on the understanding of systems interfaces and application.
  • • Identify end to end business critical scenarios.
  • * Assist / support development team in unit test automation identify environment dependencies deployment strategies build release cycle test data dependencies etc.
  • • Create/Review the test scenarios (created by the Quality Engineer.
  • * Identify and validate test scenarios for automation.
  • * Perform In Sprint automation.
  • * Perform Automation Script Maintenance.
  • • Share created test scripts with test lead for review.
  • • Conduct pilot automation test run to validate the test scripts.
  • • Validate the test environment set up.
  • • Participate in customer review meetings and seek sign off by customer on the review comments.
  • • Identify regression scenario and the impacted areas on need basis.
  • • Perform effective automation through automated code coverage tools/ manual code review with minimal review comments.
  • • Develop supporting structures for all test automation including mocks stubs & test harnesses.

Coding Practices & Defect Management

  • • Able to estimate and commit task level effort and deliver activities on time.
  • • Effective technical communication by participating in architectural/design reviews.
  • • Performance Development Process.
  • • Comprehensive understanding of full development lifecycle and is actively involved in all phases.
  • • Participate in the defect triages to gather evidence for defect identification on periodic basis for defect prioritization and fix.
  • • Track defect metrics to ensure testing effectiveness as generated by tool.
  • * Involvement with development teams architects early in the project life cycle to identify the dependencies on architecture design coding standards deployment environment deployment methodologies.

Test Execution (Automation/Specialized Testing)

  • • Test the defect and update the status if required.
  • • Conduct root cause analysis of the defects logged.
  • • Conduct dry run/smoke testing to ensure scripts readiness.
  • • Perform high level/Sanity testing to ensure testing is intact.
  • • Provide automation/white box and other status to Test Lead/Test Manager.
  • • Develop automated test scripts using technology concepts.
  • • Create test automation framework that suites the application under test using the identified test automation tool.
  • • Incorporate the automated tests into continuous integration process.
  • * Coordinate with the stakeholders to make go no go decision based on test results and test closure summary report.
  • * Possess knowlesdge on continous integration practices & identify appropriate CI tools based on project development model.
  • * Ensure CI Setup is done for each round and job creation is done using CI tools.
  • * Perform Frequent monitoring & Failure analysis will be done.
  • * Perform Script fixing for any errors/issues.
  • * Status is shared to onsite across all teams.
  • * Frequent Optimization /Maintenance.

Technology Consulting Research & Analysis

  • • Support business on faster time to market activities.
  • • Adopt best practices to maximize savings and minimize redundancy.
  • Feasibility Study – new technology/ framework concept.
  • Code coverage analysis.

People Management

  • • Develop and sustain positive relationships with peers.
  • * Identify training needs of team members.
  • * Identify groom reward and develop high performers.
  • * Resolve escalated conflicts and grievances.

Knowledge & Innovation Management

  • * Creation of knowledge base with quality test automation process documents.
  • * Coordinate with team members to upload the relevant document in knowledge management portals and keep it updated with the latest document.
  • * Improvise already existing processes based on the experience.
  • * Institutionalize systems and processes in place to implement innovation suggestion made by the team (eg adoption of Cognizant proprietary best practices / tools process optimization like usage of tools automation etc ).
  • * Identify the time and cost savings made due to adoption of the best practices.
  • * Foster innovative culture in project team.

Project Configuration & Release Management

  • * Possess fundamental of software configuration management including revision control and the establishment of baselines.
  • * Possess handson working knowledge of atleast 2 software configuration management tools.
  • • Adhere to all customer standards policies and governance practices.
  • * Strong project management knowledge with ability to create plan identify dependencies risks & constraints & mitigation plans.
  • * Create timely status reports & provide timely deliverables & upload in project management tools.
  • * Identify suitable project metrics & continously track/monitor.
  • * Able to come up with preventive & corrective actions for risks.

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