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Guidance Counselor

Full Job Description

The Guidance Counselor provides students with counseling and support on career and university related academic matters. He/she guides and assists students as they plan their future academic and career choices. The Guidance Counselor is the key reference in the school on matters pertaining to local and international colleges and universities and has full knowledge of the requirements of these institutions related to student admissions.

The Guidance Counselor tracks and monitors the performance of student in their senior classes in the school and intervenes to align student performance with institutional requirements.
Roles and Responsibilities

1. Maintains updated records of students in their senior years including information such as: bio, contact information, results of standardized assessments, record of academic performance, university plans/selection, etc. and treats this information with confidentiality
2. Supports the students in the registration for standardized exams and other benchmark tests
3. Assists students in the process of applying to universities and streamlining their applications and document collection including preparing transcripts, recommendations, etc.
4. Analyzes students results on standardized exams (PSAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) and provides feedback and recommendations to students on further steps
5. Conducts individual and group guidance counseling to students based on requests from Heads of Sections
6. Ensures that students meet all deadlines and requirements in their application process to local and international colleges and universities
7. Liaises with parents and students to provide best counseling and support in preparation for university
8. Researches and provides information to students about funding options including scholarships, grants, etc.
9. Establishes and maintains excellent working relationships with universities and colleges both locally and internationally
10. Organizes a yearly career and university fair, attracting representatives from universities and colleges around the world
    • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in guidance counseling from an accredited university or a combination of a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology plus 3 years of experience in guidance counseling. A relevant advanced (graduate or post-graduate) degree is an added advantage
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills with outstanding interpersonal skills
    • Advanced computer skills supporting this type of work, including and not limited to word processing tools, spreadsheets, and presentation tools
    • Highly developed organizational and planning skills
  • Ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with students, parents, and local & international organizations

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