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University of British Columbia

Job Summary
The RES Graduate Program Manager works closely with the Head, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability to manage the RES Graduate Program. The incumbent will manage all aspects of the program, from Admissions (which is a complex 4 – 5 month process involving coordination with multiple faculty across campus), to overseeing all awards competitions, to providing direction for students through the comprehensive exam process, advancement to candidacy, thesis preparation & defence, and thesis submission & graduation.

The RES program is a one of a kind ‘interdisciplinary’ program involving faculty and students from across all disciplines at UBC. This incumbent is responsible for supporting both new and current students, guiding and assisting them on their journey at UBC and through the RES Program, a program which does not necessarily follow the pattern of a program in a single discipline. They are responsible for working with and fostering relationships with Faculty and Staff in all Faculties across campus (e.g. Science, Arts, Applied Science, LFS, Forestry) and this requires extensive knowledge and ability to deal with complex decision making and multiple degrees of complexity.

Organizational Status
The Manager works proactively and independently, with broad direction on priorities. Reports directly to the Administrator of IRES and receives direction from the Head of IRES. They will work in collaboration with academic and student service departments across UBC and will also take on leadership roles in team projects within the unit.
The position may manage Work Learn students and a CUPE 2950 Administrative assistant, overseeing the work of appointing Teaching Assistants and approx. 50 student employees.

Work Performed
Manages the Admissions process in close collaboration with the Head of Department and Admissions committee. Advises on IRES policies as committee members change, and proposes polices/processes based on best practices of previous years.

Develops systems for matching potential RES students with Supervisors in the wider UBC community.

Manages all Awards adjudication in RES, in close collaboration with the Awards Chair and Awards committee. Advises on IRES policies as committee members change, and proposes polices/processes based on best practices of previous years.

Assesses and evaluates key program policies and procedures and makes recommendations to the Head and/or relevant committee members. Implements changes to policies and procedures when necessary.

Main point of contact for students on advising matters, providing a wide range of support to students, including addressing academic policy issues, developing and delivering academic advising service policies, and outlining available academic options and personal support services for students in crisis. Responsible for supporting the academic success, personal development, and recruitment of current and incoming students.

Manages the student funding database to ensure students are funded at UBC minimums and/or supervisors requests. Monitors the appointment and payment processes to ensure students are hired and paid in a timely manner.

Oversees the safety training program for TAs and other student employees. Documents that everyone working in IRES has received appropriate safety and workplace training.

Develops pathways that contribute to the establishment of a sustained culture of student involvement.

Maintains an environment enabling students to ask questions and investigate unique learning opportunities, both in and outside of the Science faculty.

Fosters a collegial atmosphere amongst students and faculty.

Supports student health and well-being. Analyzes survey results to enhance the environment for the graduate students and takes action as necessary.

Co-ordinates workshops and meetings as necessary to foster an inclusive and respectful learning environment where students have the opportunity to thrive academically and personally.

Attends Student Society meetings as required to report back on concerns or issues raised by the student cohort. Attends departmental Faculty meetings to keep abreast of policies and procedures under review.

Performs other related duties as required and requested
Consequence of Error/Judgement
Providing incomplete or inaccurate information to students can have a strong adverse impact on UBC’s ability to recruit students and on students’ ability to achieve their academic goals. Errors in carrying out the responsibilities of this position regarding student advising will jeopardize the learning outcomes of the graduate students. Inability to work cooperatively amongst a network of faculties and departments will negatively impact the effective provision of services to students and the reputation of the unit.

Supervision Received
This position operates independently with direction from the Head of IRES. Reports to the Administrator of IRES for administrative matters.

Supervision Given

This position may manage Work Learns and a CUPE 2950 Administrative assistant
Minimum Qualifications
Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Minimum of three to four years of related experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Preferred Qualifications

M.Sc. or MA is preferred or minimum of four years’ experience in combination of education and experience.
Superb organizational and problem-solving skills.
Experience with graduate programs (interdisciplinary preferred).
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required. Verbal and written fluency with English are required for this position.
Able to exercise initiative, judgment and confidentiality.
Able to multitask and prioritize work to meet deadlines.
Able to work effectively independently and in a team environment.

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