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Intimate and arrange approvals/permission for all types of procurement with AO
File SEZ Online the DTA / Imports Procurements (all) on a daily basis and update the database
Intimate AO, coordinate with Client and arrange permission from AO for the usage of Material
Arrange verification and complete ARE-1 re-warehousing within the stipulated time, disburse the originals to respective suppliers/Vendors and keep two sets of copies one in the Customs file and the other for the Client. Send a copy to the Invoice Desk for billing.
Verify the client request for Imports/BOE/SB/BoE and forward it to the coordinator for initiating the job and BOE, ensuring the correct and full set of documents is submitted for processing the job. Clearly mentioned the billing part, check the o/s and arrange advance wherever required. Get BOE/SB/BoE assessment upon receipt of Req. Id. and keep two sets of copies one in the Customs file and the other for the Client.
Arrange necessary Authorization Letters/Bond’s from the Client for collecting DO and wherever required
Follow up with carrier/FF/ consolidation agent/liner agency, and coordinate for timely clearance of shipment. Ensure the clearance is done as per TAT.
Organizing receiving at the site, intimate AO and arrange verification/permission of Material usage. Complete Re-warehousing within the stipulated time and disburse the Transshipment to concerned
Maintain Bond register for Import/Indigenous, also keep a record of Asset Serial Numbers
Assist Contractor / Client in maintaining Stock Register (wherever required)
Maintain Database of Indigenous (ARE-1 & non-ARE-1), Imports Procurements and Exports, DTA removals undertaken by the Unit including the SL No’s of each asset in the prescribed format
Prepare and file Monthly/Annually report to AO / SO / DC Office within the stipulated time;
Arranging all necessary permissions/Assessments from Concern SEZ authority in stipulated time etc.
Monthly verification of all the records to check whether all the approvals are alive and have sufficient Bond/CG balances or not. Also whether all the documents are properly filed or not;
Arrange Laptop movement permission with the Specified officer as and when required by the client
Maintain Laptop issue log register and ensure regular update
Train Security on the SEZ Procedures and supervise them for maintaining Inward, Outward, Returnable, and other Registers which are used at the Client place.
Arrange Foreign National Visit Permission and maintain Register and filing
Prepare Form-I for the CST supplies and maintain records
Prepare Form A1 as per the approved Services and arrange approval (as per our scope of Service)
File SOFTEX and maintain Register (as per our scope of Service)
Ensure bills are received from the head office and submitted to the client on time. Follow-up with the client for its early settlement. Resolve discrepancies if any and maintain perfect ageing
Maintain bill tracker and update Invoice Desk on a Monthly basis
Provide required information to Finance for filing the Monthly/Quarterly/Annual returns.
Fully adhere to Team Leader instructions and strictly follow protocol
Ensure smooth operation and effective service to the maximum satisfaction of the Client Maintain records as per SEZ compliance issued
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Job Type: Full-time

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