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Quality Analyst

  • Managing and governing a team of Quality Analysts that includes audit alignment as per the contractually agreed numbers mentioned in the SOP.
  • Meticulous data scrubbing and sampling at call driver level.
  • Focused content creation to drive customer and operational metrices.
  • Defining and measuring performance of the quality analysts basis the score card.
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting to the internal and external stakeholders.
  • Calculation of man hours for the team as per the current production headcount based on the forecast received from the client.
  • Analysis for any client escalation received, with the help of 5-WHY method and running sessions to identify the root cause of the error.
  • Check the risk meter and compliance score for the site as per client’s scorecard.
  • Suggesting process improvement ideas with the client to enhance and improve customer experience.
  • Identifying bottom quartile and planning activities for bottom quartile management by assigning dedicated QAs to run the program in co-ordination with the operations team.
  • Tracking compliance of the audits done by the QAs that includes number of audits completed, timeline and accuracy of the audits.
  • Running calibration sessions with the coaches and Quality Analysts to understand the variance, coach them accordingly.
  • Doing RTR(Review the Reviewer) to understand the variance in audits of the Quality Analyst as per the service standard variance of 5%.
  • Understand the driver for one of the key operational metric which is NPS(Net Promoter score), take out the correlation between survey trigger rate and volumes handled to establish the root cause if there is an impact.
  • Analysing Internal Referrals(Complaints) and TIO(Telecommunications Ombudsman), following the (People/Process/Technology/capacity) methodology, identify the factors impacting and work with operations to reduce the numbers.
  • All client communication, reviews with Internal and External stakeholders on the current status and roadmap to maintain consistency of the health check of the project.
  • Doing 1-0-1 session with the QAs, RTR for feedback sessions of the QAs.
  • Preparing hall of fame, repository of good calls and messages, best practice sharing amongst the communities(teams) to uplift the performance of the site and curb gaps if any.
  • Transformation/automation of reports to remove NVA(non-value add) time from the productive time of the QAs.

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