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Leman Manhattan Preparatory School

Residential Counselor

Full Job Description

This position involves overseeing all tasks related to the students’ residential experience at Léman Manhattan. Residential Counselors are responsible for cultivating a safe, nurturing, structured and comfortable environment for students while ensuring that students adhere to the program’s rules. Developing strong relationships with the boarding students, grounded in compassion, mutual respect, and consistency is essential to the Residential Counselor position. Residential Counselors must be willing to take a proactive and hands-on approach toward working with students to solve problems and conflicts and to offer disciplinary and moral guidance when necessary. In short, Residential Counselors are expected to offer the same level of care and attention that a good parent would to his or her own child.

Additionally, Residential Counselors are encouraged to enter fully into the life of the school and to develop and share their talents and interests with regard to extracurricular activities. Specific duties and responsibilities include:

  • Acting in loco parentis and therefore responsible for all aspects of the residential welfare of the students;
  • Carrying out the daily operations of the residential facility;
  • Responding to residential life and school emergencies;
  • Monitoring student whereabouts and facilitating student checkouts;
  • Assisting with the academic progress of students, developing student-centered action plans alongside key faculty, and monitoring progress;
  • Collaborating with counselors and family members to develop and monitor student-centered action plans to identify and support socio-emotional needs;
  • Communicating with faculty/staff about students’ academic progress;
  • Communicating with parents, advisors, and school counselors as needed;
  • Addressing student discipline issues, rule violations, and safety concerns through appropriate channels;
  • Performing administrative tasks as necessary;
  • Assisting with residential/school activities and events on a periodic basis, including classroom coverage;
  • Coordinating with the Residential Counselor Team Leaders to ensure that staffing is adequate on the weekends;
  • Ensuring that the work environment at the dormitory is professional, safe, and efficient;
  • Shadowing, training, and coaching part-time weekend Residential Assistants in school and residential life processes, systems, & operations;
  • Other duties as assigned and as needed to support the operations of the residential life program and the school.

This is a full-time position that will typically work weekday afternoons, evenings, occasional mornings, and alternating weekend shifts during the school year. This position comes with a full benefits package, and competitive salary, and the opportunity to eat meals in the cafeteria and explore NYC with students. Live-in staff are also provided a studio apartment.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 3 years working with adolescents in a mentorship capacity
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Willingness to work weekends, some holidays, and nights
  • Critical thinking skills and the ability to problem-solve both independently and collaboratively
  • Maturity and the understanding of appropriate boundaries
  • The ability to maintain composure during stressful situations
  • A motivated and innovative team player
  • A demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse populations

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience in Residential Life in a secondary or postsecondary capacity
  • Experience working with English as a Second Language students
  • International experience living abroad
  • Knowledge of New York City
  • Experience planning activities and leading teenage students on excursions
  • Proficiency in a second language, specifically in Russian or Mandarin

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