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History Teacher

Job Description

We are searching for a highly dependable history teacher to join our faculty. The history teacher?s responsibilities include preparing lessons and curricula, teaching students to analyze different texts, providing academic support, and fostering good relationships. You should be comfortable working to strict deadlines and also be open to feedback.

To be successful as a history teacher, you should be tolerant of different opinions and be able to create a learning environment where students respect each other. Outstanding candidates should be approachable, caring, and able to convey their passion to students.

History Teacher Responsibilities:

Analyzing all prescribed texts and resources to develop quality lesson plans and curricula.

Collaborating with fellow teachers and learning from their methods, teaching strategies, and classroom management techniques.

Delivering engaging History lessons on different time periods, movements, and other historical events and figures.

Grading exams, tests, quizzes, assignments, and presentations, and contacting parents and other faculty members to discuss concerns and schedule interventions.

Sourcing guest speakers and organizing events and educational field trips.

Keeping abreast of current events/movements and using these themes to keep historical content relevant.

Ensuring all curriculum, and school, and state requirements are met.

Providing extra support to struggling students and additional resources to those who display exceptional interest in History.

Using digital technology to improve learning and keep accurate student records.

Constantly expanding educational networks and participating in workshops, lectures, and other learning opportunities.

History Teacher Requirements:

A bachelor?s degree in history or a similar discipline.

A master?s degree is preferable.

A relevant certification or license may be required.

A completed apprenticeship or experience as a teacher’s aid is recommended.

A passion for history and the ability to inspire students.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

The ability to engage with young people and develop lesson plans that resonate with them.

The willingness to work overtime.

Compassion and a personable manner.

Resilience and the ability to work with students from multiple backgrounds.

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