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Toronto District School Board

Call Centre Agent – Part-time 

Job Description

The Toronto District School Board adheres to equitable hiring, employment and promotion practices.

The TDSB Call Centre is operated 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, providing emergency and
general inquiry services to all TDSB departments and the community.

Reporting to the Physical Plant Security Coordinator, the Call Centre Agent will:

  • Provide telephone answering service for the general TDSB inquiry number;
  • Provide general information to the public (i.e. answers to TDSB FAQs and information as

directed by specific administrative departments;

  • Receive and re-direct emergency calls;
  • Monitor surveillance systems for alarms such as fire, power failure, building systems failure,

gas detection, and break-ins;

  • Monitor video surveillance and building automation systems;
  • Operate various types of communication systems (telephone, pagers, 2-way radio,

computer, etc;

  • Log and track incidents; and
  • Input maintenance work order requests.

Summary of Duties:
➢ Receive incoming calls from the TDSB’s main telephone number, which is linked to an automatic

call distribution system (ACD) or a computer telephony integration system (CTI);
➢ Receive and respond to calls by telephone from the public(e.g., the after-hours community use of

schools or other queries);
➢ Provide general information to the public and answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) auxiliary

to the TDSB website;
➢ Maintain excellent rapport and appropriate public relations with the public;
➢ Receive incoming calls via the TDSB’s emergency telephone number, which is linked to an

ACD/CTI system, or via radio, for emergency facility repair requests;
➢ Receive calls by telephone or radio for personal emergency assistance; e.g. injuries, accidents,

➢ Log details of reported incidents;
➢ Operate the SAP Plant Maintenance computer system to create emergency work request

➢ Query the SAP PM system to provide responses to questions re the status of work requests;
➢ Operate the Remedy Problem Tracking system and computerized telephony integration system


➢ Notify appropriate personnel to respond to emergencies via telephone, pager or radio(i.e. Toronto
Fire and/or Police Services, EMS, Toronto Works Department, or TDSB personnel);

➢ Relay messages among supervisory staff and front-line personnel;
➢ Operate surveillance systems for alarms such as fire, power failure, building systems failure, gas

detection, break-ins, buildings’ early opening, and fail to close, Monitor building automation
systems; Operate central radio system;

➢ Log details of alarms and/or reported alarm-related incidents;
➢ Communicate with various staff and visitors who come to the Call Centre;
➢ Liaise with TDSB or contracted security personnel and external alarm monitoring services;
➢ Maintain data for the telecommunication information system;
➢ Provide first-level telephone problem resolution for all TDSB voice telephone lines, associated

hardware and voice-mail boxes;
➢ Track all pertinent information using the telecommunication information system;
➢ Participate in monthly ACD, CTI and Remedy agent performance reviews and communication

➢ Assist analyzing data and producing Call Centre statistical information reports and Automatic Call

Distribution system reports;
➢ Assist analyzing data and verifying accuracy of charges from the Police and Fire Services for

attendance to false alarms;
➢ Prepare reports utilizing word processing, spreadsheet and database applications; and
➢ Other related duties as assigned.


➢ Secondary school diploma and one year of related experience including extensive telephone

communication experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience;
➢ Proven ability to communicate effectively with a customer service focus;
➢ Proven ability to deal with difficult calls/situations and to take appropriate action in stressful or

emergency situations according to Board and/or department procedures/guidelines;
➢ Familiarity with telecommunications, radio, surveillance and building automation systems;
➢ Proficient keyboarding skills;
➢ Proficiency and expertise in the use of computer technology (e.g., e-mail, word processing,

spreadsheets, databases, and SAP PM and Remedy);
➢ Ability to document information accurately; and
➢ Knowledge of general office procedures.

Location: 140 Borough Drive

Shift: Rotating Shifts, Weekends Day/ Evening/ Night and statutory holidays

Hours: 24 hours per week

Work Year: 12 months

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