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GlüxKind Technologies

Bringing together Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Software Development and Product Design, GlüxKind offers a wide range of opportunities. Combining all these disciplines, our goal is to build a semi-autonomous stroller that will keep babies safe, and in turn their parents happy.

We’re looking for the brightest minds to join us on this incredible journey along the sidewalks of this world, in the pursuit of bringing safety to parents and their little ones.

Learn more about us here: https://gluxkind.com/about

About our culture: https://gluxkind.com/careers

Job description

A highly successful Mechanical Engineer looks something like this:

· Excited to build a global success story with us, from the very beginning. Working for a start-up requires flexibility, resilience, and most importantly resourcefulness.

· You understand that people are everything. You’re collaborative, optimistic and you listen to understand, demonstrating kindness and empathy in all interactions.

· You’re not satisfied with “good enough” (just like parents when they are shopping for their new-borns)

· You love to experiment, are hands on, try new things, and drive improvements.

· It’s not enough for you to know the what – you need to know the why! You are energized by challenging problems and are persistent/resourceful in your efforts to solve them.

· You are highly motivated, proactive, comfortable with change and ambiguity.

· You have a humble, team-player attitude and are ready to pitch in wherever you are needed most.

· You are well articulated, your phone/virtual and written presence conveys confidence and charm.

· Most importantly, you tackle challenges and problems with first principles thinking.

Technical requirements:

Minimum 4 years of electrical design (PCB or microcontroller systems architecture) experience and hands on experience required
PCB Design and production with regional component sourcing expertise
Sourcing and communicating with 3rd party suppliers while applying manufacturing engineering principles to ensure efficient and quality production
Exceptional attention to detail
Excellent understanding of the development process from specification and prototyping to documentation, quality assurance and deployment
Experience going from design to testing prototypes.
Experience with firmware development develop testing procedures
The cherry on top:

Experience developing mechanical systems that work and perform using rapid prototyping techniques
Experience designing for manufacturing (DFM) from a prototype system and certifications
Experience with functional safety, compliance, regulation, and standards
Experience working with autonomous vehicles or fully integrated systems
Experience in engineering software such as Fusion360 is a bonus
You are capable of identifying skills and resources required to complete advanced robotics projects

To apply for this job please visit www.glassdoor.ca.