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Support Worker

Job Description

Supporting young people to achieve their potential by strengthening areas of weakness and developing areas of strength.
Engaging them in various activities, supporting their education and ensuring that their rights are actively promoted
Treating them as individuals while providing them with quality support in order to meet specific quality outcome.
Assisting in the provision of a safe and homely environment which will encourage them to participate in activities and skills thereby promoting their independence.


To support young people to exercise and respect their responsibilities and rights as an active and valued member of the community

To provide support to enable young people to maximise independence and control of their lives

To facilitate social inclusion through access to social work, learning and leisure opportunities in the community

To promote physical activity/ sports with the young people.

To encourage development of individual interests and attitudes

To promote, safeguard and protect the welfare of each young person.

To establish and maintain positive and trusting relationships with the young people that will promote their sense of security.

To provide firm, consistent and fair boundaries in respect of their behaviour and employ appropriate and agreed sanctions.

Ensure appropriate medical needs are met, in respect of Dental, GP appointments, illness and accidents.

To promote the development of a healthy active lifestyle for the young people.

To assist young people in the development and sustaining of positive social and family networks.

To assist in the preparation of daily meals and promoting a healthy balanced diet

To assist in the daily maintenance of the young person’s home, ensuring the home is clean and well kept. To report any damage or repairs to your Project Manager.

To encourage young people to engage in education/ work, and to support young people to actively seek employment/ training.

To support the young people in transitions of support placements and risk management plans

To ensure Support Plans are followed at all times when supporting young people.

To report to the On Call Manager daily of your plans for the day, update them as events change and report all incidents.

To ensure appropriate relationships with young people are maintained at all times, no contact can be made with young people outside of working hours.

To ensure social media is not used during work time. Staff to ensure they maintain appropriate relationships with young people, staff cannot be friends with young people on any form of social media.

Staff must not to put any information or pictures relating to young people on social media.


To participate as part of the staff team to achieve agreed goals

To input on the developing and reviewing of young people’s Support Plans and Risk Management Plans.

To work as a member of the team, ensuring the on-going support of young people is undertaken in accordance with the policies and procedures of Sportfit.

To attend and contribute to staff meetings.

To work closely and professionally with Support Workers, Social Worker, Specialists and other professional agencies. To develop and maintain appropriate relationships with families.

To support less experienced members of staff as part of their Induction/ Shadowing period to Sportfit.

To attend CLA, CIN reviews, YOT meetings and any other meetings that may take place in relation to young people.

To undertake shifts on a rota basis and sleep in duties.

To attend supervisions and make positive use of supervision time.

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