Teacher Job in Gwalior

SVS Global

Pre Primary and Primary Teacher

Job Description

Whether you are just starting your teaching career or have perhaps been working as a Teaching Assistant (TA),a Primary Teacher position is an excellent opportunity to gain more experience and enhance your teaching skills.

Your Day-to-day Duties As a Primary Teacher Will Include

  • Planning appropriate lessons to meet national curriculum guidelines, keeping up to date with changes.
  • Creating engaging lessons to involve pupils of all abilities, coordinating with colleagues and TAs where needed.
  • Setting up the classroom, organising displays and equipment.
  • Using a mix of resources to enhance pupils exploration of the topic.
  • Using different teaching methods, including whole class, group work, independent research, demonstrations, experiments and play, to motivate and encourage interaction in the class.
  • Encouraging children to work together to achieve goals.
  • Providing help and support to individual pupils as required, taking responsibility for their academic progress.
  • Carrying out assessments and setting homework.
  • Completing administrative work. E.g., taking registers, updating records, marking work and writing reports.
  • Creating a learning environment that pupils respect.
  • Setting expectations for discipline and behaviour including dealing with inappropriate behaviour according to school policy.
  • Providing a safe, healthy environment, and following safeguarding procedures.
  • Organising outings, after school clubs, social activities and sports events.
  • Participating in training and development activities.
  • Attending meetings and parents evenings.
  • Liaising with senior leadership, parents and external bodies in relation to progress, behaviour, child protection and health.

To apply for this job please visit in.linkedin.com.